What would MLK think?

ThinkProgress has the goods on the newest plan from Bush Sec. of Education Margaret Spellings to reintroduce segregation to schools. This time it's not based on race (well, not REALLY) but on socio-economic standing. Another shining example of BushCo capitalizing on a national tragedy to push their classist agenda, and doing it at the earliest age. Disgusting. Check it out:

The Wall Street Journal reports that Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings will ask Congress to waive a federal law that bans educational segregation for homeless children. The Bush administration is arguing, along with states like Utah and Texas, that providing schooling for evacuees – who, in this case, are likened to homeless children — will be disruptive to public school systems, so they want to have sound legal backing for creating separate educational facilities for the 372,000 schoolchildren displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The State of Mississippi is opposed to waiving the Act because they argue the law helps evacuees enroll in schools without red tape.

See, it's not that we're racist or classist! It's just that we don't like disruption! We know that the kids in Utah might actually benefit from having someone who's not a lily-white Mormon in their classes, we know they might actually learn about a different point of view, but, well, really, it's just so DISRUPTIVE.

And really, these poor homeless kids -- I mean evacuees, sorry (but, I mean, really, they ARE homeless) -- they don't want to have to go to a school where the other kids drive fancy cars and wear clothes from the Limited! See, it's better for them, too! We're really helping not disrupt their lives any further, too! We care! See, we even hug black people -- I mean poor people -- I mean homeless people -- I mean evacuees. Sorry, but see how confusing it is?