Senator Barack Obama

What's Whose Problem?

Here's something to think about today as we look at West Virginia.

We've learned recently that certain fringe groups of white people won't vote for a candidate simply because he's black. Not many, but enough to become an issue (thanks to the Clintons).

And yet when this electoral dynamic is discussed in the corporate media, it's defined as a "problem" for the black candidate (here, for example).

Why can't that black guy win the racist white vote? they ask. What's that black guy's problem? they repeat.

Just once in this campaign, I want the corporate media to ask the racists in this country what their problem is, instead of simply taking their antiquated, ignorant racism as a given.

Sorry. This ridiculous dynamic isn't "a problem" for the black candidate -- this dynamic is a problem for the white racist.

ADDING... So instead of asking the black candidate why he can't win the racist white guy vote, why not ask the racist white guy why he won't vote for the black candidate. And -- for once -- don't accept the answer: "Just because he's black." Find out why. Make the bastards use their brain for a change. That's what I want Pat Buchanan and all the rest of the pundits to talk about tonight.