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When Jobs Aren't 'Real' Jobs

I was raised with the understanding that a job is a job. As long as you're doing work for a paycheck, it's technically a job. If you can manage to earn enough money to pay for nice things, it's a really good job. You could be working in a mall or in a school or for the government -- which my Dad did for 30 years.

But government work isn't a real job, evidently. Because somehow if the government creates a position -- a job -- they're not creating jobs.

Here's Florida governor Rick Scott to explain:

In Florida, unemployment rate’s gone from 12 percent down to 10.7. We’re still above the national average, but we’ve generated 87,200 private sector jobs — private sector! And we have 15,000 less government jobs in the state of Florida. [Applause] Government doesn’t create jobs.

So unemployment is bad. Check. And in order to remedy this, he fired 15,000 people? People in government jobs that the government didn't create somehow?

Rick Scott is clearly living in another dimension of reality in which jobs that are created and then taken away weren't created by the entity that created them.

My brain hurts.