Where Have All The Suckers Gone?

Written by SK Ashby

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has resorted to producing content that, even by their own standards, is exceptionally paranoid and unhinged, such as a claim that people should arm themselves so they can fight marauding hordes of journalists.

Their descent into purified insanity could attributed to the fact that no one is buying guns anymore.

According to the Guardian, gun sales have dropped by $100 million.

American Outdoor Brands, the rebranded name of historic gun company Smith & Wesson, reported a 48.5% decrease in firearms revenue compared with the same quarter last year, when many Americans believed Hillary Clinton, a supporter of gun control, would be elected president.

Shipments of long guns were down 57% in the latest quarter, president and chief executive James Debney said in an earnings call on Thursday. The long gun category includes the military-style rifles often targeted by gun control campaigners in the wake of mass shootings. Shipments of handguns were down nearly 35%. Overall, the company’s revenue dropped nearly 40% compared with the same quarter last year, according to chief financial officer Jeff Buchanan.

If any other industry experienced a nearly 60 percent drop in sales they would also shit their pants, but other industries don't sell things designed to kill people.

Other industries, except maybe the survival-seed industry, also don't depend on marketing strategies that say their political opponents are coming to shut their operations down and end freedom, or whatever.

Of course, the next time Democrats regain control of all or part of the government, you can bet millions of suckers will line up to spend every dime they have on more guns to add to their already-large collection of guns which they bought the last time Democrats were in control.

It's anyone guess when this cycle will end if it ever does.