Whiny Diaper Babies

John Cole called attention to yet another "The President Bullied Us! WAHHHH!" item in the conservative press.

Funny how that works.

These shoot-first conservatives -- these tough talking cowboys and slackjawed coyote-killing shoot-em-up pit bulls who can't wait to accuse the president of being effete and girlish are, in reality, a crop of simpering, whiny diaper babies. Every time this so-called femme "San Francisco values" president calls them on their utter childishness, they cry and throw a petulant temper tantrum about "bullying."

If you belong to a movement that includes the racist, sexist, misogynist crazy train of horrors that is Fox News and AM talk radio, you don't get to cry "bully!" if the president uses moderately strong language in a futile attempt to coax you to do your job -- to stop playing grabass with the debt ceiling and the economy and act like big boys.

So stop crying and grow up, Republicans. For a change.