Guns Racism

White Guys Tackle Black Guy for Carrying a Gun


We often wonder what may happen if black people decided to carry weapons and now we know.

A 63-year old black man was tackled and detained by multiple white guys in a Florida Wal-Mart because he was carrying a weapon for which he had a permit.

From the Tampa Bay Times

BRANDON — Clarence Daniels had just crossed the threshold of Walmart’s front doors on Tuesday, in search of coffee creamer for his wife, when the gun in hip holster gave a well-intentioned vigilante the idea he was up to something more sinister.

From the Walmart parking lot at 11110 Causeway Boulevard, Michael Foster, 43, of Lithia had watched Daniels, 62, take from his car the handgun — for which he holds a concealed carry permit — and place it on his hip underneath his coat, Hillsborough sheriff’s deputies reported.

Foster shouted “he’s got a gun” and then tackled Daniels. Two other men then helped Foster pin Daniels to the ground.

While I am against carrying guns into Wal-Mart, and while the obvious solution to this problem is for no one to carry guns into Wal-Mart or other public spaces, I’m glad the man who initiated the confrontation was arrested. Concealed carry laws should apply to everyone equally even if that may not be the intent of gun fetishists and the NRA.