Super Stupid

White House Replaces Dumb Hiring Freeze With Even Dumber Policy

Written by SK Ashby

It's not often you see an administration reverse its own executive order just three months after signing it, but that's what the Trump regime has done.

The White House has quietly canceled the federal hiring freeze Trump signed after taking office, but their new directive is equally if not more stupid.

Instead, White House officials expect them to staff up only in areas slated for expansion under the president’s budget proposal released last month, for example at the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Other agencies will be expected to downsize, including the Environmental Protection Agency, which under the budget proposal would shed some 3,200 positions — or roughly 20% of its workforce.

“What we’re doing tomorrow is replacing the across-the-board hiring freeze that we put into place on day one in office and replacing it with a smarter plan, a more strategic plan, a more surgical plan,” said Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

In other words, the White House wants to hire more staff for positions that may not even be funded by Congress. Trump's budget proposal is not and will never be law. Even Republican members of Congress said it was 'dead on arrival.'

Moreover, Congress is expected to extend the continuing resolution that currently funds the federal government for the remainder of fiscal 2017 and they haven't even started talking about fiscal 2018 which begins on October 1st. Even if Congress were interested in passing Trump's asinine budget proposal, it's not happening anytime soon.

We obviously can't expect Trump to understand any of this, but former congressman Mick Mulvaney should. But, as I've said before, Mulvaney is a man so deranged even his fellow Republicans give him dirty looks.

It feels like I tell myself this administration couldn't be any more fucking stupid on a daily basis, but here we are.