George W. Bush

White House vetting process still all wacky-like


A White House council on volunteerism said Friday it's taking another look at how the President's Call to Service Award -- accompanied by a laudatory letter from President Bush -- was issued to Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a California Death Row inmate who has written a series of books warning young people against the gang life.

If you recall, following the Bernard Kerik fiasco, Bush was asked during a press conference what lessons he had learned from the disastrous Kerik affair. Well, it's a miracle this happened what with Bush's airtight answer: "The lessons learned is, continue to vet (patronizing smirk)."

Full story here. Tip to Roger Ailes.

UPDATE: To the credit of the White House (blasphemer, I!) Tookie has done a lot of good work since his conviction as evidenced in the above article and Tookie's website. Interesting, though, that Bush -- who enjoys executing people as much as he enjoys wearing invisible six-shooters -- would give an award to someone he'd otherwise sentence to death given the opportunity.