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Who Done It?

Fox & Friends is very concerned that we don’t have a Surgeon General at a time like this.

The previous nominee was mysteriously “tied up in politics.”

At 0:38

DOOCY: You would normally think that in something like this, the Surgeon General would be in charge, but right now at this point oddly, the United States of America does not have a Surgeon General. His nomination is tied up in politics.

It’s “odd,” he says, that we don’t have a Surgeon General.

Who could have possibly been responsible for tying up his nomination in politics?

Fox & Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck falsely claimed that Murthy views gun ownership as a “disease” and forwarded claims that he has “a radical agenda when it comes to guns and your health.” Network legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. suggested Murthy would make the examining room about “about party registration or about gun registration,” and Fox host Megyn Kelly claimed that Murthy is “not a big fan of the Second Amendment,” and said he is “so anti-gun that the NRA has decided to score this vote.”


Yes, in case you’ve forgotten, Dr Murthy was slimed by the NRA and Fox News because he said he considers gun violence to be a public health issue. And it is a public health issue in that guns kill 30,000 Americans every year. But the NRA’s attacks weren’t limited to public health concerns. The entire campaign against Murthy was wrapped in a coating of conspiracy theory about gun confiscation and gun registration databases.

Congress was and is more concerned about the NRA’s scorecard than public health and, not-coincidentally, some of the most outspoken Ebola fearmongers led the charge against Dr. Murthy’s confirmation.