Who Saw This Coming? Part 2

Again, their reactions are all too predictable.

During a morning pandering session in Mississippi today, Rick Santorum attacked President Obama over the continued "unraveling" of Afghanistan by attributing recent events to giving the enemy "hope."

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss.–As he mingled with the Mississippi breakfast crowd, Rick Santorum said the president’s timeline in Afghanistan “has made a very winnable operation very, very difficult.”

“It continues to unravel because the president has given something to the enemy that we should have been able to deny them, which is hope,” Santorum said, referring to the withdrawal timeline, which would have American troops out of Afghanistan by 2014. “But when the president put a timeline in place, the rules of engagement that he has…he’s made this a very difficult mission, as we see it getting more and more difficult as we get closer to that timeline.”

We've been in their country for over a decade and 9 children, 3 women, and 4 men were just murdered while they were asleep in their beds by one of our soldiers. If there's anything they're fresh out of, it's hope.

I doubt Rick Santorum could tell you who exactly the enemy is, thus I will inevitably conclude that he believes no one in Afghanistan should have hope, because they're all the enemy. And the president has supposedly given them hope, so he must be one of them, right?

Wink. Nod.