Whoops! Another Republican Hypocrite Nabbed

It's the hypocrisy, stupid.

Rising Republican star and well-known border hawk Sheriff Paul Babeu, who’s now running for Congress in Arizona, was hit Friday night with bombshell accusations from a Mexican immigrant who said he dated the sheriff for years and was threatened with deportation if he ever told anyone about their romance.

The Phoenix New Times newspaper broke the story on its website in a piece written by veteran journalist Monica Alonzo. The accusations came complete with text messages said to be between the two men as well as compromising photos purportedly of Babeu that are reminiscent of recent sex scandals that ended the careers of Congressmen Anthony Weiner and Chris Lee.

In one photo, Babeu is seen posing in front of a mirror in nothing but his underwear. In another, he has his hand inside the man’s partially unbuttoned shirt.

Also, regarding the photos on TPM. Once again, a scandal like this involves an idiot, a mirror and a camera phone. It's becoming the present-day equivalent of the shitty mugshot (see Nick Nolte, Rip Torn, etc).