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Whoops! CBO Says Tax Cut Magic Won’t Save Obamacare Repeal

Written by SK Ashby

This is not the first time that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has calculated that repealing Obamacare would increase the federal deficit, but there is a significant difference this time that Republicans will not be quick point out.

via Reuters

Repealing President Barack Obama's signature healthcare reform law would increase the U.S. budget deficit by $353 billion over 10 years, congressional forecasters said on Friday, more than triple the red ink compared to an estimate three years ago.

But the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation said the deficit increase would only be $137 billion if economic feedback effects were considered, a sign of a new Republican mandate for increased use of "dynamic scoring" that includes the economic impact of legislation.

To put this in a way that everyone will understand -- Congressional Republicans ordered the CBO to calculate the cost of repealing Obamacare while including the magical growth powers of tax cuts.

Even if you presume that the resulting tax cuts of repealing Obamacare would trickle down into reciprocal economic growth, repealing the law would still increase the federal deficit.

Maybe they didn't dynamically score it hard enough.