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Whoops! Fox News Shames Their Own Anchor

After ABC host George Stephanopoulos disclosed that he donated to the Clinton Foundation, a public health chairty, Fox News got a bug up its ass. Saying that participating in foundation events should "disqualify a journalist from covering the Clintons," Fox attacked ABC and Stephanopoulos.

You may or may not agree with that but, as Media Matters points out, a Fox News anchor has participated in a number of foundation events.

Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo moderated or participated in at least eight CGI events between 2008 and 2013 while at CNBC. [...]

Bartiromo has heavily praised President Clinton and CGI, once lauding CGI as "fantastic" and saying Clinton and the foundation have done "so much in terms of raising awareness and money for the AIDS epidemic." Bartiromo was listed as a "member" of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on the program's website.

"Raising awareness and money for the AIDS epidemic" is a great thing unless, of course, the name Clinton is mentioned and/or it's campaign season and we need something to point fingers at.

It's clear that pointing fingers at the Clinton Foundation is the GOP's response to criticism of PACs funded by the Koch Brothers and other billionaire conservatives even though they are nothing alike.

The Clinton Foundation is not a political action committee. The only thing they have in common is that they raise money to do things. But while the Clinton Foundation delivers anti-Malaria drugs to developing countries, the Koch Brothers spend vast amounts of money to elect politicians who don't even believe in science.

Of course the average Fox News viewer probably believes far more fantastical things about the Clinton Foundation. The foundation may even be a part of Agenda 21 and Operation Jade Helm; the secret plot to usurp control of Texas by tunneling under local Wal-Marts. You can't be too careful.