Epic Fail

Whoops! That’s Going to Cost You

Remember Rick Santorum's proclamation that Puerto Rico should learn English before applying for statehood?

That didn't work out so well.

Rick Santorum is the only GOP candidate that made the trek down to Puerto Rico to woo Republican voters the U.S. territory before its GOP primary next week. But rather than increase the number of delegates pledging to support him, Santorum has scared at least one away.

Former Puerto Rican Sen. Oreste Ramos announced Thursday that he was rescinding his support for Santorum after the presidential candidate said Puerto Rico would have to adopt English as its primary language if the territory were to ever gain statehood.

"Although such a requirement would be unconstitutional, and also would clash with our sociological and linguistic reality, as a question of principle I cannot back a person who holds that position," Oreste said, according to the San Juan newspaper Vocero. "As a Puerto Rican and Spanish-speaking U.S. citizen, I consider the position of Mr. Santorum offensive."

Unconstitutional and unrealistic. That sums up the Republican party quite well, doesn't it?