Republican Party

Who's Laughing Now, Assholes?

Again, the disclaimer is that I'm obviously not a Ron Paul supporter. But after speaking the truth about American foreign policy while Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani laughed in his face, it's nice to see that Paul won almost as many votes as the combined totals of both 9iu11iani and Country Bear.


Mitt Romney 334,797 - 39 percent
John McCain 255,103 - 30 percent
Mike Huckabee 138,428 - 16 percent
Ron Paul 54,016 - 6 percent
Fred Thompson 31,750 - 4 percent
Rudy Giuliani 24,475 - 3 percent
Uncommitted 17,749 - 2 percent

Ron Paul supporters everywhere: "HAHAHAHA! So long suckers!"