War On Women

Why Do Democrats Hate America?

If you believe there is a war being waged on the rights of women, you may be an "unpatriotic" America hater. That is according RNC spokesman Sean Spicer who declared that describing the effort to set the social progress of women in America back half a century as a "war" is unpatriotic.

What voters should object to, many Republicans say, is Democrats’ efforts to characterize political disputes as a “war on women.”

“I find it offensive that the Democratic National Committee is using a term like that to describe policy differences,” said Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. “It’s not only bad, but it’s downright pathetic they would use a term like ‘war’ when there are millions of Americans who actually have engaged in a real war. To use a term like that borders on unpatriotic.”

Attempting to relegate half of the population to second-class citizenry seems more distinctly unpatriotic to me than a simple choice of words.

And I do believe the Republicans lost the right to accuse others of being unpatriotic after using patriotism as a Trojan horse to launch a war under false pretense.

By the way, does this mean describing the war on drugs as a "war" is also unpatriotic? I would hope not since it was a Republican who started it.