Immigration Racism

Why Do Republicans Hate the Constitution and Babies?

After saying that the governor should send the National Guard to another state to confront the invasion of small, defenseless children during a town hall meeting, Representative Steven Palazzo (R-MS) said he wants to deport even the children who are born here inside the United States.

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo told constituents Monday night that Gov. Phil Bryant should send National Guard troops to Texas to help with the border crisis. [...]

Palazzo also said he would support changing federal law that allows children born to illegal immigrants in America to remain as citizens. Palazzo said he believes “anchor babies” should be deported with their parents.

The Fourteenth Amendment dictates that anyone born inside the United States is automatically a citizen.

I guess if you’re a strict constitutional originalist, you may or may not view the Fourteenth Amendment as legitimate.

It’s easy to get confused when Republicans selectively support or deride segments of the constitution depending on what day of the week it is and who the target of their ire is.

We all know the Second Amendment is sacrosanct, but other amendments are apparently debatable.

What would a theoretical constitution drafted by today’s Republicans look like?