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Why Do They Keep Talking About Impeachment?

Why do Democrats Republicans keep talking about impeachment?

Yesterday Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) said that a number of House Republicans would support impeachment even if it’s not a great idea.

“If you were to ask persons and many folks in the House, has the president violated the law and will he be worthy of impeachment, I think a fair number of people would say yes,” Flores said during a telephone town hall last week, according to audio obtained by Buzzfeed.

Today Mike Huckabee said the president has clearly committed impeachable offenses.

Mike Huckabee appeared on Monday’s edition of Iowa-based Steve Deace’s radio talk show, where he said President Obama “absolutely” deserves to be impeached but cautioned that Republicans should not pursue impeachment at this time since the GOP doesn’t have the votes to convict him in the Senate.

“There’s no doubt that he has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment,” Huckabee said.

Of course if you ask me this is a misnomer because you can go back nearly four years and find rumblings of impeachment over Solyndra and Fast and Furious (both of which were spawned by Bush-era programs), but most of the talk in the beltway press has been that “both sides” are responsible for bringing up impeachment and Republicans have accused Democrats of concocting a fundraising scheme.

The truth is Republicans have been talking about impeachment at town halls, on talk radio, and at private fundraisers for years and they continue to talk about it today.