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Why Rex Tillerson Called Trump a Moron

Written by SK Ashby

We know former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a "fucking moron" but why did he say that?

Trump says and does moronic things on an hourly basis so it would otherwise be difficult discern exactly what triggered Tillerson, but now we know.

In short, Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis sat down with Trump last summer to explain how the world works and Trump did not "agree" with any of it.

“The postwar, rules-based international order is the greatest gift of the greatest generation,” Mattis told the president, according to two meeting attendees. The secretary of defense walked the president through the complex fabric of trade deals, military agreements and international alliances that make up the global system the victors established after World War II, touching off what one attendee described as a “food fight” and a “free for all” with the president and the rest of the group. Trump punctuated the session by loudly telling his secretaries of state and defense, at several points during the meeting, “I don’t agree!” The meeting culminated with Tillerson, his now ousted secretary of state, fatefully complaining after the president left the room, that Trump was “a fucking moron.”

Virtually everything Trump has done since this meeting confirms that he is a fucking moron who doesn't care for international peace and order. In just the past month, Trump has agitated most of our closest allies with economic threats and tariffs that fray the bonds that make the modern world possible.

Those who fear what another world war would look like can thank our trade agreements and military alliances for it not happening, but Trump thinks we should rip all of that up.