Trump Regime

Why Zinke Was Referred For Criminal Investigation

Written by SK Ashby

The Interior Department's inspector general did not spell out exactly what she referred to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation, but someone at the White House has been running their mouth.

According to Trump regime sources who spoke to the Washington Post, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is suspected of using his office to enrich himself.

More specifically, the investigation concerns Zinke's personal involvement in a major land development deal that's very close to his own property.

This week, Interior’s Office of Inspector General referred the inquiry — one of several probes into the secretary’s conduct — to the Justice Department to determine whether a criminal investigation is warranted. That referral concerns Zinke’s involvement in a Whitefish, Mont., land development deal backed by David J. Lesar, chairman of the oil services firm Halliburton.

The business and retail park, known as 95 Karrow, would be near parcels of land owned by Zinke and his wife, Lola. The inspector general is looking at discussions Zinke had with Lesar and others about the development that could indicate he was using his office to enrich himself. [...]

A senior White House official said the White House understood the investigation was looking into whether the secretary “used his office to help himself.”

Zinke is just one grifter in a sea of them, but he's also a former Navy SEAL who achieved the rank of Commander before retiring in 2008. It may or may not be fair to hold veterans to different standards, but his abuse of government resources feels especially disgraceful because he's not just bringing shame to his office; he's bringing shame to veterans.

There have been reports that Zinke would be replaced after the midterm election in any case, but that could happen sooner rather than later.