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Wingnut Warriors Foil Terrorist Plot That Doesn’t Exist

Written by SK Ashby

Good news -- Larry Klayman's Judicial Watch halted a terrorist attack that would have been launched from a terrorist base camp that doesn't actually exist.

The current president of Judicial Watch told Family Research Council president and hate radio host Tony Perkins that thanks to his group's efforts, a major attack on the American people -- an attack that was never actually conceived because the terrorists don't exist -- was prevented.

via RightWingWatch

“There was going to be an imminent attack around September which we reported, I think it was averted as a result of our report,” Fitton said, before acknowledging that DHS and other agencies have denied his group’s account of an ISIS border camp.

According to Fitton, the government is only disputing Judicial Watch’s work “because it gets in the way of the open borders agenda, it gets in the way of the amnesty agenda.”

The fictional attack would have been launched from a fictional ISIS camp on the other side of the border just beyond El Paso, Texas.

There is no such camp, but it's a good story.