Election 2012

Winning Them Over

If Santorum got his act together it's possible he could emerge as the nominee, but as always he takes one step forward by winning a couple primaries and then takes two steps back by saying something incredibly insensitive.

For some reason he chose to begin his Puerto Rican campaign by telling them to learn English before applying for statehood.

(Reuters) - Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum told Puerto Ricans on Wednesday they would have to make English their primary language if they want to pursue U.S. statehood, a statement at odds with the U.S. Constitution.

Santorum traveled to the U.S. territory to campaign ahead of the island's Republican primary election scheduled for Sunday, where he, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are vying for 20 delegates.

Puerto Ricans, who recognize both English and Spanish as their official languages, are scheduled to vote in November on a referendum to decide whether they want to pursue statehood or remain a self-governing U.S. commonwealth.

Rick Santorum is the best campaigner Mitt Romney could hope for right now.