Winter Fundraiser, Day Two

Written by SK Ashby

Hello friends, please consider making a donation during this week's quarterly fundraiser.

Our long national nightmare is finally over, or at least it will be in the near future when Orange Muppet Hitler permanently retires in Florida, but we all know that evil never sleeps.

Your donations will help me cover basics costs of living like food and clothing. They will also help me cover the cost of my medical transition and related treatments. Donations will also help me pay for the Christmas presents I bought for my family. I can't do this without your support and I greatly appreciate every generous donation.

Speaking of treatments, as some of you may know, I had my first laser treatment a week before Thanksgiving. The experience was painful and slightly traumatic, but it was worth it. Just one treatment made a huge difference and I have at least two more to go starting in January.

Thank you in advance for donating and thank you for reading. I love you all.