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Wisconsin GOP Argue Over Who’s the Biggest Fan of Impeachment


The clown show that is the race for Wisconsin’s sixth congressional district has apparently devolved into a competition to see who can make the most ridiculous case for impeaching President Obama.

All four Republicans running for the seat have their own reasons or variations of the same basic message.

via TPM

“He should be impeached for so many things,” state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) said at the forum.

You begin to see the markings of a totalitarian state,” he added about the pattern created by the administration’s IRS and NSA scandals.

“So many things.”

State Sen. Joe Leibham (R) said that if Obama lied about how much he knew about the IRS scandal, that would be “grounds for impeachment.”

“His presidency is a scandal,” Leibham said. “He has destroyed America from the great capitalistic country it used to be.

America was destroyed and no one told me?

State Rep. Duey Stroebel (R) said the administration’s response to the Benghazi attack topped his list of scandals.

President Obama is doing his best to tear the country down,” Stroebel added later.


Tom Denow, the fourth candidate who has never held elected office, agreed with the other candidates that a special prosecutor should investigate the IRS scandal, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Sometimes I wonder if Republicans will still be bleating about the IRS and Benghazi two years from now in 2016.

None of the issues they continue to campaign against will be resolved by 2016 because there is nothing to resolve. In their alternative universe, these are earth-shattering scandals that prove everything they ever thought about President Obama, but in reality they will remain as they are — fake scandals that led nowhere — and take their place among the undying conspiracy theories of yore.