Scott Walker Watch

Wisconsin GOP Really Doesn’t Want You to Vote

Coming face to face with the reality that the next few election cycles in Wisconsin will spell bad news for the state Republican party, Scott Walker's henchmen in the state legislature are doing everything they can to suppress the vote.

First they implemented a voter suppression ID law which is currently being challenged in court, and now they're targeting the inconvenient procedure of registering soon-to-be college freshmen which, as the GOP presidential candidates have informed us, usually go on to become liberal snobs.

Madison - The Wisconsin state Assembly is scheduled to vote on a bill that would remove a requirement in state law that voter registration be offered to students in high school.

The measure passed on a party line vote in the Senate last month with all Republicans in support and all Democrats opposed. The Republican-controlled Assembly was to take it up Tuesday.

[...] Republicans say high school students have many other options for registering and it's a burden for elections officials to offer it at the schools.

Oh. Registering people to exercise their voting rights is such a burden. Woe is me.

If providing voter registration at educational institutions is no longer required by law, it probably won't be provided because that costs money. And if there's anything our educational institutions are looking for right now it's ways to cut spending without touching presidential salaries or athletic programs.

Of course the gravity of the situation is compounded by the fact that Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature cut over 800 million dollars from the state's education budget, or roughly $600 per student.