Democratic Party

Wisconsin Doesn't Count

Senator Obama has won Wisconsin by upwards of 13 percentage points. Some exit polls indicate as much as a 60-40 split. And... Senator Obama has evidently won among women voters.

Senator Obama's speech tonight was his usual stump speech without teleprompters, so everyone who complains about the senator not talking about solutions got a shitload of solutions tonight. Naturally, though, the attack tomorrow will be that Senator Obama doesn't have as many solutions as Senator Clinton. Her next speech will be a gigantic list of solutions on a really long scroll. "Loooook at aaaallll these solutions, Cleveland! Yay!" (clap-clap, point-point)

UPDATE: Exit poll numbers (from Drudge, but whatever):

Wisconsin Exit Polls:
Obama Won:
Women (51-49)
All age groups under 65
All education levels
All regions of the state -- urban, suburban and rural
Voters without college degrees (50-48)
Democrats (50-49)
Whites (53-46)
White men (59-38)
Voters who decided in the last week (58-42)

Won or tied voters of all income levels
Tied among white women
Tied among union members
Tied among union households

(Site note: I was planning to liveblog tonight, but decided to liveblog Thursday's debate instead.)