Witch Hunter and Leaker Trey Gowdy Condemns Leaks and Witch Hunts

Written by SK Ashby

Former Benghazi Committee Chairman and notorious chicken fucker Trey Gowdy is very upset about Jeff Sessions' secret meeting with the ambassador of Russia that he lied about in front of Congress, but not for the same reasons you may be.

Gowdy is upset because the public learned that Sessions is a liar.

"We cannot overlook the fact that the methodology of the collection and the content of that transcript never should have made into the public domain," Gowdy said in an appearance on MSNBC. "And people may like that it did today, because it hurts Republicans, but what it really does is it hurts our country because you are leaking classified information."

He said that "all facets" of Sessions' contacts are important, but the leak particularly so.

Hypocrisy aside, Gowdy appears to be upset about something that didn't actually happen. No "transcript" of Sessions' conversation with Russian diplomats has been made public, only the fact that they met in his office. And it's not clear what "methodology of the collection" Gowdy is referring to, because no one bugged Sessions' office. At least not that we know of.

We didn't learn what Sessions and the Russian ambassador discussed until yesterday evening when Sessions himself disclosed that they briefly discussed the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

The fact that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador in his office also isn't "classified information," as Gowdy claims, unless Gowdy is implying that his own schedule as a member of Congress should be classified.

Either Gowdy himself or staffers working under him leaked partial, selectively-edited transcripts of testimony provided to his Benghazi Committee on several occasions. Their own leaks to the press were often used as further justification for their continued investigation of the same thing they've been investigating for four years.

Gowdy also said something else that is truly amazing.

Gowdy also said that "Congress is not equipped to investigate crime."

"We don't have the tools to do it," he said. "We are welcome to investigate allegations of constitutional injury but allegations of criminal activity we are not equipped to do."

We're "not equipped to investigate crime" says a man who spent literally years searching for a crime to justify his own investigation.