With Heroes Like These, Who Needs Enemies?


I just don’t see the America Independent Party going very far with candidates like this.

“The reason I’m excited to be here tonight is because Cliven Bundy is my hero,” said Janine Hansen, a candidate for Congress from Nevada’s 2nd congressional district who was among the speakers honoring Bundy at Friday’s IAP event. [...]

“We cannot allow this incredible opportunity that Cliven has given us to die,” Hansen said.

The Independent Party is backing a state bill that would seize land from the federal government. Never mind that that’s not actually possible.

I have no doubt that you could find a not-insignificant number of people in the West that would support similar legislation but, when you make Cliven Bundy — a dyed in the wool racist — a central figure or “hero” of your party, you’re severely limiting the number of people you can appeal to.

The number of people who will publicly support a man who appeared before cameras and said black people were better off as slaves is actually quite small even if they agree with him in private.