Civil liberties

Women's group blasts "gay" companies

Put this in the "What the hell did they do to you?" file. A right-wing women's group is calling for a campaign against Subaru for advertising in The Advocate and "supporting the gay community". Their message is clear: if you're a tolerant and enlightened company, prepare to feel the wrath of the right!

You know you're a persecuted people when corporations are forbidden to appeal to you as a consumer under pain of boycott.

Look at what they said about Avis:

Not to be outdone, Avis, the rental car agency, purchased a two-page, inside cover ad in the January/February OutTraveler, a companion edition to Out magazine. The ad shows a man with his arms around another man, kissing him on the cheek.

Are these people in sixth grade, for Pete's sake? "Two men kissing on the cheek is ICKY ICKY COOTIES!"

Give the "Concerned Women for America" a call at (202)488-7000 and tell them, "Gay people deserve equal rights, and that includes being victims of corporate marketing just like the rest of us."