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Words Have No Meaning in Georgia


Words continue to have no meaning as Jody Hice, the Republican nominee to fill Representative Paul Broun’s (R-Pit of Hell) House seat, says gay people have “the same rights” as everyone else because they can straight marry if they choose to.

via RightWingWatch

“Let’s just suppose a gay person comes up to you and says something like, ‘Why shouldn’t I have the same rights as everybody else? Why can I not marry the person I love?’” Hice said.

“Well what rights are we talking about?” he asked, before implying that gay people can simply marry someone of the opposite sex: “Gay people have the same rights as everybody else. There are no rights that are missing. They have the same rights as anyone. We are Americans and we all have the same rights.” [...]

Homosexuals have the right to be married but what they are demanding, in reality, is that marriage be redefined to suit them,” he said.

No. If gay people had the right to marry the person of their choosing in all 50 states, that would mean they have “the same rights.” That would mean no rights are missing.

To say that they have “the same rights” because they can marry someone of the opposite sex is hilariously obtuse.

It’s also ironic because Hice is inadvertently admitting that the “sanctity of marriage” is bullshit. What sanctity is there if Hice is promoting sham marriages?

Hice also compared gay marriage to incest during his unhinged rant.