War On Women

Words Continue to Have No Meaning


Words continue to have no meaning as Fox & Friends hosts the “PolitiChicks” who tells us that everything we thought we knew about feminism is wrong.

via TPM

“They claim that we put women back into the ’50s where women stayed home and took care of their children and their families,” Murrell said. “I say that what they’re doing, they are like cave women waiting for caveman to bonk them on the head and drag them into the caves by the hair. That’s who they are. They’re the ones putting us back into the stone ages.” [...]

We want no more of this feminists politicizing our bodies, and what happens in our bedrooms,” she said. “That’s all that the feminist movement has successfully done. And we’re here to battle back, and say we know what women really want.”

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in conservative opposite land where every day is opposite day and words have no meaning, but I don’t believe I could keep track of which realities I’m suppose to deny and which I’m suppose to perpetuate.

Are we promoting or opposing the status quo today? Who can remember?

To say that feminists are responsible for politicizing women’s bodies is perhaps the ultimate case of victim blaming. Because what you’re saying is that feminists are responsible for politicizing their bodies by resisting assaults on, and the politicization of, their bodily autonomy.

And to say that feminists are the real “cave women” waiting to be beaten into submission and dragged into the cave is a very confusing notion given that the general conservative stereotype of feminists is that of caricatured, man-hating lesbians.

But since words have no meaning perhaps those seemingly contradictory ideas aren’t contradictory at all.

To say these things is madness. To actually believe these things is incomprehensible.