Working the Refs

This is fairly typical of the wingnut right, especially now. Whenever confronted with reality -- with mathematical, objective reality, they simply blow it off and replace it with baseless ideology. Here's Newt Gingrich shrugging off the CBO's stimulus vs. tax cut numbers.

And, naturally, a day or two from now, Newt will be citing CBO numbers to prove one of his own ideas. Though I don't know if the CBO delves into Birtherism and racial dog whistles.

One of the many reasons why our discourse is so effed up these days is there's no mutually agreed-upon empirical, objective ref. The CBO and, say, Politifact are two nonpartisan sources for Just The Facts, yet the wingnut right simply makes up its own reality. The only thing they can do, given their backwards, contradictory positions.

Adding... Here are those numbers again. Memorize and circulate!