Worse Than Bush

Well, not really.

After Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell threatened to withhold his support for judicial nominees because Harry Reid hurt his feelings, the senate has now confirmed Judge Michael Fitzgerald to the bench in California.

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday confirmed Michael W. Fitzgerald as a federal trial judge for a vast region stretching from San Luis Obispo to Orange counties in California, after a political endurance contest that's now standard practice on Capitol Hill.

Nominated last July, Fitzgerald had to wait four months following his unanimous Senate Judiciary Committee approval in November before winning confirmation Thursday afternoon on a 91-6 vote. Democrats finally threatened a series of special votes to break the Republican delay of Fitzgerald and other candidates.

Michael Fitzgerald was the fourth openly-gay nominee for the federal bench. All four were nominated by President Obama.

You know, because's he's worse than Bush. Or something.