Worst Persons

Worst Person in the World

Is higher self-esteem making our kids weak? Lets ask Fox News.

I would name this entire panel as Worst Persons, but for now I'll single out Fox contributor Andrea Tantaros who says she thinks the recession was good for kids because it humbled them into working at Blockbuster Video. Really.

Tantaros: I think the recession hurt a lot of those millennials because they were expecting to get jobs. [] My generation was getting jobs when they were in college. A lot of them had to move home with their parents, their parents didn't have the money to spend on them to move to a city like New York, so they had to go work at the Blockbuster Video and be humbled a little bit. I think the recession was good for kids.

How dare those spoiled brats expect to find a job after going in debt tens of thousands of dollars in college! The audacity! Working at Blockbuster for minimum wage was good for them!

This 60 Minutes report is from last March, and while the economy has improved since then, child poverty rates remain very high. And if you can watch this and say the recession was good for kids, there's something seriously wrong with you.

(via Media Matters)