Animal Rights

Worst Person in the World

Corporate scam artist Rick Berman, who also shills for Big Tobacco and pitches high fructose corn syrup, ran a totally dishonest ad against the Humane Society during the Oscars.

Of course this is ridiculously misleading. ThinkProgress noted that much of the Humane Society's money goes to non-shelter animal welfare causes.

In court, the Humane Society defends laws prohibiting horse slaughter, it fights to protect dolphins from aggressive tuna fishing techniques, and it supports regulations governing the treatment of “downed” cattle. In Congress and state legislatures, the Humane Society backs many anti-cruelty bills, including the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2012, which would prevent egg-laying hens from being packed into tiny cages that leaves them with virtually no room to move around.

The ad makes it seem as if the Humane Society was keeping 99 percent of its money as profit. Clearly it's not.