Worst Person in the World

Fox Nation columnist Mark Steyn for this perpetuation of lies and libel against Sandra Fluke.

Whenever a Fox News employee prefaces that he or she is "not up to speed" on an issue be prepared for that doofus to barf diarrhea all over the page or screen. And that's exactly what Steyn does -- furthering the Limbaugh lie that Fluke is demanding birth control in order to feed her sexual activity when, in fact, Fluke's testimony was entirely about other students.

And, by the way, so what if it was about sexual activity (it wasn't)? Shouldn't conservatives want to reduce unintended pregnancies and potential abortions? They're certainly willing to devote taxpayer money towards banning birth control, but they're totally opposed to taxpayer money financing birth control and hence the prevention of unintended pregnancies -- even though, as we all know, taxpayer money doesn't pay for birth control.

Ah hell, I can barely follow their twisted, contradictory nonsense anymore.