Worst Persons

Worst Person in the World

I had no idea Virginia House Speaker William Howell was such a raging dick.

Via ThinkProgress, watch as Progress Virginia Executive Director Anna Scholl confronts Virginia House Speaker William Howell (R) for his assertion that the group's reporting on the state's use of taxpayer dollars to send state legislators to ALEC conferences is "inaccurate."

Beginning at the 1:05 Mark

Scholl: I understand, I'm just curious about which part of the report you found to be inaccurate

Howell: The part where you say they got $230,000...

Scholl: So the state didn't spend $230,000 sending legislators to ALEC conferences?

Howell: I guess I’m not speaking in little enough words for you to understand.

Scholl: I'm a smart girl, actually. I went to the university of Virginia. I benefited from public education in Virginia. I think words with multiple syllables will be just fine for me.

Howell: Well good for you.

Aside from directly insulting the woman's intelligence, he clearly cannot backup his claim that Progress VA's report is inaccurate. He seems to believe that citing the amount of money spent by the state to send legislators to a different conference somehow means appropriating funds for ALEC conferences never happened.

Aren't you glad you elected these men during the last election, America?