• LeShan Jones

    This loser is giving all of us Joneses a bad name.

  • well this clown knows his audience…

  • excitablerooster

    I liked it better when this nobody was a nobody.

  • js hooper

    Alex Jones is clearly jealous of Rush Limbaugh. He’s trying so hard to be as bigoted and hateful as Rush is so effortlessly

  • Zen Diesel

    What an awful piece of shit assclown.

  • muselet

    Homophobia? Check.

    Misogyny? Check.

    Inability to understand the nature and uses of humor? Check.

    Alex Jones is either a Righty talk-radio host or a sixteen-year-old boy.


  • ThePanicMan

    Gee, a far-rightist is a flaming hatemonger. Surprise: none.