President Obama Syria

Worst Person in the World

The Nation‘s Bob Dreyfuss for this lede:

It’s tempting to enjoy the moment, that is, the humiliation of President Obama and the short-circuiting of his war push by a brilliant coup conducted by Vladimir Putin, that sly old dog and ju-jitsu expert, along with Russia’s ally, Syria. President Obama might as well not bother giving his Oval Office speech tonight, because the chances that Congress will approve Obama’s Authorization to Use Military Force are zero, and the possibility that the United States will go to war against Syria without congressional support are now less than zero.

I don’t even wanna know these people any more.

Brilliant coup?!

Anyone who has to be told not to enjoy the humiliation of the president is dead to me. Second of all, they have zero facts in terms of what’s happening behind the scenes. Diplomacy is delicate and not always clear when observed close-up. So, you know, grow up, Bob.