Misogyny Worst Persons

Worst Persons in the World

Idaho School District 25 officials for this:

An Idaho high school basketball coach was fired after posting a picture of her boyfriend touching her chest on Facebook, but the boyfriend, who coaches football at the same school, is still at his job.

“I don’t feel that photo is something to have me terminated on,” former Pocatello High girls’ head coach Laraine Cook told KIFI-TV in an interview aired on Monday. “I don’t feel it’s an immoral photo, and that’s what the termination is based on.”

The photo, in which both Cook and football coach Tom Harrison were dressed in swimsuits, was reportedly taken over the summer and posted briefly on Cook’s Facebook. KIFI reported that Cook was reprimanded by the school at the time, and the photo was taken offline. But the picture was later brought to the attention of state School District 25 officials by an unidentified source, spurring the decision to fire her on Oct. 24. Harrison was reportedly reprimanded.

So the woman is fired, but the football coach boyfriend — who did the groping — isn’t. Because football.