Animal Rights Racism

Worst Persons in the World

Written by SK Ashby

A group of horrible adult humans apparently decided that the best way to respond to a group of Girl Scouts who are concerned about animal cruelty is to hurl racial slurs at them.

The young Girl Scouts -- ranging in ages from 10 to 13 -- attended a meeting of the Cecil County, Maryland Animal Care and Control Oversight Committee where a group of assholes told them to "go back to Balitmore."

via ThinkProgress

“They were saying, ‘Go back to Baltimore, where you belong,’ and they started pointing out me and my sisters,” said Arianna Spurlock, who is 13. None of the girls live in Baltimore, which is more than an hour away from Cecil County.

The girls also allege they were called “animals.” [...]

[Scout Leader Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich] said that she went with a group of parents to file a police report but were told it was not possible because the individuals did not “use the n-word.”

I guess they were smart enough not to use the "N-Word" -- a difference without much of a distinction in this case.

The real "animals" are the so-called adults who would use racial insults (or any insult for that matter) to intimidate a group of children who only wanted to express their concern for abused dogs.

The 'Buddy For Life' animal control vendor, whose volunteers allegedly shouted at the girls, is accused of abusing animals.

The Cecil Times reported that a surprise visit to the facility “found unremoved feces, odors and many dogs with serious ‘mange’ and other skin conditions.” There were also allegations of “overstaffing at the Buddy operation at taxpayer expense.” The company has been repeatedly fined for violating state and federal law.

These are the worst persons among us.