Worst Persons

Worst Persons in the World

Every single adult involved in this should be utterly ashamed of themselves, and if I were a parent I would be seriously considering filing a suit.

Emphasis mine.

The Christian rap metal band from Minnesota had some shocking words last week for a Dunkerton, Iowa, high school audience. School administrators told local media that the group was supposed to talk about “bullying and making good choices.”

Instead, parents said, the band told girls in the audience that “they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren’t virgins.” In a break-out session for girls, the band told them to save themselves for their husbands and assume a submissive role in marriage. Then the girls were forced to chant a mantra about virginity. [...]

Now enter a little-known band from Minnesota to preach to teenagers at Dunkerton High School, where the band also targeted the GLBT community, showing pictures of Elton John and assailing his sexuality.

They said that the average age of a gay man at death was 42 because his actions “literally kill him.”

And to round out the picture, the students saw photos of fetuses during the assembly’s portion on abortion.

I struggle to find an explanation for why anyone, for any reason, would think it's acceptable to display this kind of content to other people's children.

The school's administrators should be embarrassed and maybe even lose their jobs for this.