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Worst Persons in the World: Transphobic Elementary School Parents

Written by SK Ashby

So-called adults are acting terribly again as a school board in Virginia has reversed a decision at a local elementary school that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond with the gender they identify as.

I don't know who is worse in this situation: the asshole parents or the school board for giving in to them. I'm leaning toward these unhinged parents who evidently see transgender grade school children as predatory deviants.

[At] a school board meeting Tuesday night, many parents spoke out about the “controversy” — mostly against the transgender-inclusive policy. They had organized as part of a group called “Save Our Schools,” and they testified that students’ privacy rights were being threatened and that their children were at risk from “predatory individuals.” One parent went as far as to suggest that the school was inviting bullying, rape, sodomization, and possibly death. Off the official podium, the rhetoric seemed to be even worse. One parent testified that she’d heard opponents of the policy describing transgender students as “freaks” and “undisciplined” outside the meeting.

Believe it or not, this was a discussion concerning elementary school students, more specifically a 10-year-old fourth grade girl. I don't think "rape, sodomization" and murder are serious threats among fourth graders or, for that matter, any other age group of transgender people.

Transgender people are not "freaks" or "undisciplined." And these neanderthals use the term "freak" to describe children.

Every single one of these people is a goddamn embarrassment and should be ashamed. Fuck all of you.