Republican Party

Worst Person

Republican candidate for Colorado Senate, Ken Buck, who refused to take a rape case and compared the rape to "buyer's remorse."

Far-right conservatism carries a disgusting lack of humanity and compassion. The number of emails I've received this week from wingnuts suggesting that Gene Cranick and his family deserved to have their house burned to the ground over a $75 fee has been a really pointed study into the far-right mind. Appropriate billing and collection solutions be damned. No pay, let it burn. Oh, and it's fine and dandy for Glenn Beck to mock them in their darkest hour in front of his 10+ million radio audience. Staggering, but not surprising.

And now this unit in Colorado. Example:

"It appears to me and it appears to others that you invited him over to have sex with him," Buck said on the hazy recording, before acknowledging she may have been unconscious at the time.

Oh yeah. That little detail about her being, you know, totally incapacitated! That might be a thing. So she invited him over specifically so she could pass out and be violated. Smart. Hey -- how about this: how about understanding what rape is, then making a case for the rape rather than callously dismissing the victim's claims. Ah hell. He went on and attempted to talk her out of pressing charges:

"Be aware of something, if this, if you file this motion, it will be very public, publicly covered event. There are a lot of things that I have a knowledge of, that I would assume [redacted] knows about and that they have to do with, perhaps, your motives for [unintelligible] and that is part of what our calculation has been in this."

Such textbook awfulness. How about justice as a motive, you rat bastard.