Senator Barack Obama

Worst Person In The World

Michelle Malkin.

Today, she blasted Senator Obama for being hypocritical about fuel efficient cars. She claims that while Senator Obama criticized Detroit for manufacturing too many SUVs, yet -- GOTCHA! -- he rides around in SUVs on the campaign trail.

What she doesn't mention, of course, is that the Secret Service requires special armored cars to protect against assassination attempts. What she also doesn't mention is that people like Senator Obama and Al Gore purchase carbon offsets to make up for the pollution they create due to the hazards of their occupations.

But what's really awful is that Malkin chastises the Senator for the Chrysler 300C he drives. She proves this by linking to a May 2007 article on The article, however, was published prior to the fact that the Senator traded in his Chrysler for a Ford Escape Hybrid.

But, Malkin writes, that doesn't matter because he still rides around in SUVs -- even though he has no control what-so-ever over Secret Service protection. But let's say he did. Is Malkin suggesting that presidential candidates ride around in unprotected cars? That's bizarre coming from a paranoid far-right blogger who thinks that crazy Muslims are just waiting for an opportunity to kill her.

Michelle Malkin... Worst! Person! In the wooooorld!

(apologies to Olbermann)