Worst Persons in the World

The driver who's responsible for this massacre.

That's right, a driver in Brazil took out 40 bike riders in a single rampage. GRAPHIC VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP.

For those of you who are ambivalent or even pro-car in the ongoing car versus bike debate, ask yourself this: Would a bike rider ever be able to do this to 40 cars? Then ask yourself: which group, then, is more vulnerable and ought to be given wide latitude on the road?

Meanwhile, here are some choice Huff Post commenters who join the list of Worst Persons today.

rightmotorist: thank the lord that someone finally had the b a l l s to stand up to hippy cyclists. Seriously you a s s holes, instead of cycling for a cause how about just donating the money without clogging up traffic? But that would be smart.

Canuck1950: Although there is no excuse for this kind of crime, I am surprised it doesn't happen more often. The CM rides purposely block traffic to make their point and, in my city, they do it on a Friday afternoon when everyone is trying to get home after the end of the work week. They don't care if you have an urgent issue, if you have a medical problem, if you are on your way to a hospital, are tending to a sick child, etc etc. Nothing matters to them but their position that bicycles should predominat­e over cars. I am sure it can be very frustratin­g to be caught in the traffic jams they cause and, although I don't approve of violence, I can see how their behaviour could provoke someone to totally lose it.

notfooledbyu: San Francisco has had multiple incidents of cyclists doing just what the motorist claims, most frequently picking on families and old people. If cyclists want to keep taunting motorists they have to accept that somebody will snap now and again. By causal observatio­n, this kind of thing is showing up in the news more and more, so remember, the life you save may be your own. Share the road applies to bikes too.

First, drivers break traffic laws more often than cyclists. For drivers to cherry-pick a few cyclists who coast through Stop signs is a ridiculous and pathetic excuse for what amounts to assault, negligence and homicide. Again, drivers can kill cyclists. Cyclists are eminently more vulnerable in so many ways. Cyclist "have to accept" that drivers will snap and kill them? Are you fucking kidding me? That's like excusing spousal abuse with the argument: if wives would listen to their husbands, they wouldn't get beaten so often -- I've seen wives seriously badmouthing their husbands and getting sassy, so, you know, they're asking for it -- guilty or innocent.

(via Joe Golias)