Would Someone Please Challenge the GOP on This?!

Yesterday on CBS, Speaker Boehner repeated Mitt Romney's favorite stupid lie.

"This election is going to be a referendum on the president's economic policies. They've not only not helped the economy, they've actually made it worse," he said.

"When you look at his higher taxes, his refusal to deal with the debt, the regulatory regime here in Washington out of control, they've scared every businessperson and investor in America," said Boehner of the administration.

He's just lying, with the same lie used by cynical robot liar Romney. There's no math to support his claim, in fact all the math shows the exact opposite of what he's saying. The Dow is double where it was when the president was inaugurated. The economy was shrinking and is currently growing steadily. Job creation has gone from losing 800,000 jobs per month to adding 200,000 per month. The deficit is shrinking from the last Bush budget. Etc, etc, etc.

By the way, while we're here, the last Bush budget/deficit was 2009. Republicans always try to sneak the 2009 Bush deficit number into their charts and blame President Obama for it. In fact, Gateway Pundit blamed President Obama for the 2008 deficit as well, even though he wasn't inaugurated until 2009. Liars all of them.