One Nation Under Fear


Michelle Malkin:

Uhhhhhh, demonizing doctors doesn’t exactly seem the best way to shore up support for the ailing, failing government health care takeover.

But the fear-mongerer-in-chief can’t seem to help himself.

Wait -- what? Fear-mongering? As Oliver Willis points out, and as I wrote in my book, the Republicans -- and Michelle Malkin -- just spent eight years telling us that terrorists are hiding under our beds, ready to leap out and kill us at any moment.

There's a very important distinction here. There's nothing wrong with mentioning threats and dangers in this world, regardless of the issue. The problem is the fabrication of irrational fear for political gain -- that's "fear-mongering". For example, suggesting that a small town in Ohio was in danger of a terrorist attack is ludicrous. The Bush administration telling us about nonexistent mushroom clouds during the lead-up to Iraq was about stirring up irrational fears in preparation for war.

But suggesting, for example, that 14,000 people will lose their healthcare every day isn't fear-mongering, it's a verifiable fact that must be addressed.