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Yellow magnets: 'Your ad here'

While driving into work this morning, a car directly ahead of me had two of our favorite ribbon magnets adhered to either side of its trunk key lock. But these ribbons looked unusually cheap: no gradients and slightly misshapen.

Since we've been covering the prevalence of the yellow ribbon magnets and their hollow intent, I pulled closer to have a better look.

In addition to the "God Bless America" slogan on the flag-colored ribbon, there was a logo: "Bob Fisher Chevrolet". Dammit. Quickly, I turned my attention to the "Support Our Troops" magnet and sure enough, it contained the same logo: "Bob Fisher Chevrolet".

The tastelessness of the magnets is clear. But "tasteless" fails to fully describe the idea of including advertising on objects meant to convey sympathy for the men and women dying in Iraq, however misplaced the statement might be.

Contact Bob Fisher and ask him why he's using a bloody, tragic war in which thousands are dying to advertise his ridiculous car dealership. Additionally, the idea is borderline incestuous -- a car dealership using a war for oil to advertise a make of car that boasts terrible fuel efficiency.