Yep. Steve King is Still A Raging Dick.

I would say this is shameful, but it's become quite clear that Rep. Steve King has no shame.

Notorious anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King (R-IA) inadvertently inserted some disturbing irony into a congressional hearing yesterday. While Democrats were encouraging immigration officials to adopt safeguards against racial profiling, King was practicing some profiling himself. Singling out the only immigrant on the panel, King questioned congressional witness and former Sacramento police chief Arturo Venegas about why he came to the U.S. Venegas said he was brought to the country as a child by his U.S.-born mother (which means he’s also an American citizen). King responded, “Can you just tell us what year and what visa, then, Mr. Venegas?” — apparently not knowing or caring that U.S. citizens born abroad don’t need special visas to enter the country. Venegas also fought for his country in the Vietnam War.

Mister Venegas served in the Vietnam War and later as the Sacramento police chief, but because he isn't white, Representative Steve King (R-Asshole) wants to know how he wound up in his country.

The future demographic of this nation is multi-colored. Not pale white. And for whatever reason, the Republicans seem determined to completely isolate the minority vote, ensuring in the process that they will never win another general election.